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Warp6 is Public Domain Software by Jim Ferr, with maintainance & updates after v2.5 by Scott Johnson & Paul Lee.
In memory of Jim Ferr, Frank Kucharski, & Jim Low.

Special thanks to:
Lon Seidman of Lon.TV [Warp 6 episode]. His proof of concept got this going and showed that it could work.
Mike Whalen who did research and experimenting for an article in Juiced GS (2017 vol 22 issue 2 "How to host a Telnet BBS") This got us closer.
Todd Holcomb, system operator of The Captain's Quarters BBS, sorted the rest out. He hosts our "real world" testing of ongoing upgrades.
    Use a Telnet client or BBS software connected to the internet to visit CQBBS.DDNS.NET on port 6502 to see what's coming in new versions.
    Give it a try! Call in to Captain's Quarters with our embedded telnet client. (works better on a computer than a phone)
Neal Layton, system operator of WAC BBS (wacbbs.ddns.net on port 6502) has jumped on board to help with alpha and beta testing.
Without these 4 individuals internet support would not be working and updates would not be coming as fast as they are.
Warp Six is BBS software for the Apple //e (enhanced) and ][gs computers. This page is to keep those of you who are interested abreast of developments. Warp Six is PUBLIC DOMAIN software. It may be used, distributed, modified, and mangled to your heart's content.
** Here is a feature list for version 4.0 **

If you would like to see a history of the Warp Six physical BBS (as in the first hardware running the original BBS) then click HERE.

Download public domain version 4.0.2 (for fresh installs AND updating from previous versions) SHK archive or DSK 32M image
Download version 4.0.6 patch (patch files only - apply to v4.0 or later) SHK archive or DSK 5 1/4 image
** V4.0.1 patches a bug in MAIL which caused an endless loop in some cases.
** V4.0.2 fixes 2 missing commands in the FORUM.HELP file.
** V4.0.3 fixes a problem with bulletins not updating properly on the "waiting for call" screen.
** V4.0.4 fixes a problem when editing a message in the forums after quoting a longer message. Also fixes a bug in the SSC
drivers where control was not returning to basic while waiting for a call. Nightly jobs would not run.
** V4.0.5 fixes an issue where the forums would crash if a user tried to quote a message before any message had been viewed.

Download public domain version 4.0 source (SHK) HERE
(Source code for the machine language portions of W6 v4.0)

Versions 8.7, 2.0, 2.2, 2.4, 2.5, & 3.0 of the BBS, source for versions 2.0, 2.5, & 3.0, and all known games (PO in a ZIP) HERE

Download Shareware version 8.7 (SHK) HERE
(No longer collecting shareware fees. Archived for historical purposes.)
Download public domain version 2.0 (SHK) HERE
Download public domain version 2.0 source (SHK) HERE
(Source code for the machine language portions of W6 v2.0)
Download public domain version 2.2 (SHK) HERE
Download public domain version 2.4 (SHK) HERE
Download public domain version 2.5 (SHK) HERE
Download public domain version 2.5 source (SHK) HERE
(Source code for the machine language portions of W6 v2.5)
Download public domain version 3.0.1 (SHK) HERE
(Minor revision has some bug fixes in the XFER.UTIL file.)
Download public domain version 3.0 source (SHK) HERE
(Source code for the machine language portions of W6 v3.0.x)

Warp6 Games (SHK)
All games in one archive

Acey Ducey (SHK)
Bet that the 3rd card dealt will fall between the first 2

Bagels (SHK)
guess a 3 digit number with clues of numbers wrong, right, and right in correct position

Blackjack31 (SHK)
Bet that your hand will be closer to 21 than the dealer. Includes PTSE version.

Checkers (SHK)
The classic game of checkers

Craps (SHK)
As close to Vegas craps as we could get with an Apple ][

Hangman (SHK)
Guess letters to complete the word before you are hung on the gallows

Nukewar (SHK)
Play nuclear war against the computer

Number Guess (SHK)
Guess a random number with simple higher/lower clues

Roulette (SHK)
As close to Vegas roulette as we could get with an Apple ][

Slots (SHK)
Place your bet and pull the bandits arm

Spaceship of Death (SHK)
Turn based game against other BBS users

Taipan (SHK)
Make your fortune buying and selling goods on the open seas

Trivia Master V1.0 (SHK)
Try to answer the trivia questions

We have released version 4.0! The installer/updater program is now complete so you can update from a previous version and not lose your data (users, forums, libraries, etc.).

We never got to see what Frank Kucharski had in store for us in the file transfer area when v3.0 released, but Paul has some ideas and will be taking a look at some things for a later release. He's actually working on new stuff right now. We're also trying to stomp out a couple bugs in the transfer drivers.

We're still working with Byte Knight (the sysop of Captain's Quarters) {Telnet to CQBBS.DDNS.NET port 6502} and using Captain's Quarters as a testbed as we work on new things.


11/23/2022: We've been fixing some bugs as we find them. We're up to v4.0.4 now. Also working on some new stuff for a version 4.5. It's getting in the way of finishing up other projects but maybe that's a good thing? It's progress in one form or another... :)

8/30/2022: I need to spend a little time giving the games some love. I have updates for TriviaMaster that haven't been released yet. I was also told that at least one game isn't updated to work with the larger user database. Just need to go through and fix or finish some stuff.

8/28/2022: The finished version 4.0 is now released. It does clean installs AND updates previous versions with no data loss.

8/2/2022: We have just released version 4.0! It's for fresh installs only right now. Still working on the updater program. It needs a lot of tweaking for the big changes to v4.0, and then testing so it doesn't wipe your current BBS data. Coming soon.

7/15/2022: Neal Layton has a collection of old versions. We are working to validate these and get them online as well for archival purposes. This will take a back seat to the V4.0 release.

4/5/2022: We're getting close to a v4.0 release. It was going to be a 3.1 release but we got carried away and added so much stuff that we made the big jump to 4. A few things left to do, but getting close. Stay tuned.

9/29/2021: Paul Lee has joined the team with some great ideas for improvements. He's hard at work on new features and I am helping to debug things as he goes.

9/25/2021: We lost Jim Ferr today. Rest in peace my friend. You will be greatly missed.

5/21/2021: Warp6 now supports ProTerm Special Emulation to the caller with auto detect. (the local screen shows gibberish when PTSE is being sent) I have updated the Blackjack game to use PTSE just so we have something to show off.

1/25/2020: I added a couple more games and have been working on new features. An old sysop from back in the day (Don Miller) uploaded version 2.4 which I added to the archives and to the disk image containing everything. THANKS DON! At some point I need to stop and create a version 3.1. Soon.

1/13/2019: We have solved the issue with file transfers. It turns out that Warp Six was doing it right all along. The problem is with the Telnet clients. Apparently when Telnet does a file transfer, it does some sort of translation on the data as it is transfered. When using SyncTerm on a PC, you must choose RAW instead of Telnet when selecting the connection type. Other clients probably have the same issue. Look for a RAW type or something similar.

10/5/2018: After further testing, it apears that transfers don't work with Telnet programs such as SynchTERM. If you connect with a real Apple running ProTerm then transfers seem to work OK. I have no idea why. As I stated earlier, I doubt we will put much effort into figuring this out or fixing it. If you're using real Apple ][ hardware then your downloads should work. If you are using a PC or Mac then they won't but you can easily find what you need elsewhere on the Net.

5/10/2017: Looks like we have things sorted out finally. This looks like a full V3.0 release! WooHoo!!!

4/24/2017: Things seem to be running well. Still looking at file transfers. Not looking real promising right now. Squashed more bugs and updated more docs to update or fix errors.

I rewrote the updater program. It is now a single file instead of 2 and has some added intelligence.I was having trouble with the end of the basic file getting clobbered when binary files were loaded. I found that I could load the binaries, then CHAIN to the same Applesoft program at the next line and it would fix the tail end of the program that got clobbered. It just really bugged me that I needed 2 small files to get it done.

Through all the testing, we know approximately how much free space is needed so UPDATER checks the BBS volume to see if it's available. More user prompts so they can follow along and know what's happening. If you're running any faster than 1mhz then you'll need to read fast. It rolls right along till it hits the file copy section. Testing is all done on Kegs32. Run time at 1 mhz launching from the desktop and returning to the desktop (I know. Unrealistic. GSOS doesn't run on a //e) is just under 3 minutes. Booting only ProDOS and running it would be closer to 2 minutes. Run time at 2.8mhz Desktop to desktop is 1:09. At 8mhz it's 24 seconds, and at full emulator speed it's 10 seconds flat. A floppy will slow things down some...

4/10/2017: We have sorted out the cabling issues for the ][gs modem port and for the //e running a Super Serial Card. It took a small tweak to the drivers to get things up and running properly. Testing is proceeding and progress is being made. We've even managed to squash a few bugs along the way as well!

We think we know what's going on with file transfers and Jim is looking into a fix for that. Right now they will work sometimes and others not so much. We THINK it has to do with the basic difference between a modem to modem connection and an Internet connection. With a direct connection, file packets will always arrive in the proper order. On the Internet, packets can leap frog over each other because packets can be directed along different routes. The BBS file transfer protocols have nothing in place to reorder the packets. They just know that packet 4 comes after packet 3 and if that's not what shows up, then it replies with a NAK instead of an ACK. It never seems to recover once this happens. With all the file archives available on the Internet, I don't feel this is a deal breaker, but we'll see if Jim can fix it.

2/5/2017: Someone else is showing some interest in playing with Warp Six, so here we go. In my digging around, I have found a couple more versions of Warp Six both on the net and on my old hard drive. I've posted them here for anyone who might want them.

We're basically at the same point that Lon made it to, but Mike Whalen looks like he's interested in taking things further. We're currently discussing exactly what hardware and cables he is using so we can put together a proper modem cable. Hopefully that will get us past the issues with resetting the bbs when a user drops carrier (leaves without a proper logoff) and getting the modem (Raspberry Pi running Tcpser) to initialize in version 3.0. If that happens then the sky is the limit!

5/20/2013: We're having issues with the update in this configuration using the Raspberry Pi. For some reason the Pi is not initializing. We're trying to work our way through this issue. Lon is currently running version 2.2 sucessfully. I've put version 2.2 on this site as well for this reason. I don't think Lon is running a modified modem cable with his system. If you want to play with Warp Six in this same comfiguration, I suggest using v2.2 for the time being. Once we have things figured out for version 3, I will post results here and fix the update package if needed.

5/18/2013: I've done some more work on the update package. I totally rewrote the updater. It now does everything for you. No more copying files manually. I also got the quote working again. Every time you logon it gives you a cute saying. There's over 1600 of them in the file so you shouldn't see repeats very often. I generate a random number to display them so it could happen now and then.

4/26/2013: I've had a spurt of interest in some of the old Apple ][ stuff and found a BBS running Warp Six over the internet. See a video about The Matrix and how he's doing it HERE. Due to this find I have put in some more work on version 3.0. It is still beta but it now has an updater program. As always, it is Public Domain and free to use, modify, abuse, or mangle to your heart's content. If you do have an interest in playing with version 3.0, you'll need to install version 2.2 or later and then update it to 3.0 using the package above. Version 3.0 will do a full install or update from an earlier version.

12/16/2001: I am no longer working on nor running Warp Six software. The internet has taken over... :(

Send mail to me at: Scott@IowaJohnsons.com
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